Capeli Clinique – Hair Treatment Centre.

The Capeli Clinique within the Cutis Institute offers a comprehensive array of services for diagnosing and treating various hair disorders. Their utilization of multiple diagnostic tools such as dermoscopy, trichogram, scalp analysis systems, laboratory investigations, and diagnostic biopsies shows a commitment to thorough evaluation tailored to individual needs.
The range of conditions we manage, including scarring alopecia, non-scarring alopecia, and patterned hair loss, covers a broad spectrum of hair-related issues. This indicates they are equipped to handle diverse cases and tailor treatments accordingly.
The inclusion of both medical and procedural treatments showcases a holistic approach to hair care. Procedures like hair transplantation surgeries, topical immunotherapy and regenerative treatments such as Regenera and platelet related growth factor treatments suggest a focus on advanced techniques aimed at restoration and regeneration.
Patients seeking treatment at the Capeli Clinique within the Cutis Institute might find a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment options, backed by both medical and procedural expertise, ensuring a well-rounded approach to managing hair disorders.