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Chromeclinique – the pigment Treatment Centre.

Chromeclinique at the Cutis Institute is a pioneering pigment treatment centre that stands at the forefront of addressing a wide spectrum of pigmentary disorders, catering to both depigmentation and hyperpigmentation concerns.
Our mission at Chromeclinique is to provide unparalleled care and innovative treatments for pigmentary disorders. By harnessing advanced technologies, pioneering techniques, and a dedication to patient well-being, we aim to transform the landscape of pigment treatment while empowering individuals to regain confidence in their skin.
Specialized Vitiligo Treatment Centre:
We specialize in vitiligo treatment, utilizing a range of cutting-edge therapies tailored to address this complex condition. Our facilities include Phototherapy, Excimer lasers and lights, which play crucial roles in managing vitiligo by stimulating repigmentation.
At Chromeclinique, we take pride in our consultants who are pioneers in melanocyte cell transplantation. Their expertise has not only led to successful treatments for numerous patients but has also involved training dermatologists globally in this groundbreaking technique.
Advanced Technologies for Hyperpigmentation:
For hyperpigmentation disorders, our center offers a diverse array of technologies and treatments. This includes Q-switched NdYAG lasers, Pulse light systems, fractional lasers, fractional radiofrequency technologies, chemical peels, and various other procedural treatments. These modalities are meticulously tailored to address specific hyperpigmentation concerns and provide optimal outcomes.
Our approach involves the integration of medical therapies and procedural interventions. This combined strategy ensures a holistic and effective treatment plan that caters to individual patient needs and maximizes results.
Commitment to Advancement and Education:
At Chromeclinique, our commitment extends beyond patient care. We prioritize continuous advancement in pigmentary disorder treatments and actively contribute to educating dermatologists worldwide through our consultants’ expertise and training programs.