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The Cutis Institute stands as a distinguished center of excellence in Dermatology and allied specialties, serving as a tertiary referral center renowned for its top-notch facilities and premium technologies. Spanning across four levels, the institute boasts ample space to accommodate its comprehensive range of services and advanced amenities.

Here’s an overview of the institute’s exceptional facilities:

Laser and Energy-based Device Theatres: With 10 well-appointed theatres, equipped with cutting-edge laser and energy-based devices, the institute ensures precise and effective treatments for various dermatological conditions.
Operating Suites: Featuring 3 state-of-the-art operating suites, accompanied by post-operative care facilities, patients receive the highest standard of surgical interventions and recovery support.
Procedure Rooms: For minor procedures, the institute offers 3 dedicated procedure rooms equipped with advanced tools and technologies, ensuring efficiency and safety.
Photomedicine Unit: A fully-equipped photomedicine unit caters to a range of treatments including Bath PUVA, Whole-body UVA & Nb UVB, Excimer system therapies, and targeted phototherapy, providing comprehensive solutions for various skin conditions.


UltraPulse – World’s most powerful CO2 laser by Lumenis Medical Laser Solutions, Israel
Synchro VasQ – High Energy Pulsed Dye Laser by DEKA , Florence, Italy
Lightsheer Diode laser System – Lumenis Medical Laser Solutions, Israel
Soprano Titanium, Premium full body hair reduction, Combined three wavelength technology by ALMA Lasers, Israel.
Spectra XTNd-YAG Laser  –  Lutronics
Pastella Cosjet High Energy Q Switched Nd YAG Laser – VonTech, South Korea
Endymed 3DEEP RF   Endymed, USA.
Ellman SRURGITRON DUAL RF 120 Radio Frequency Unit, Cynosure, USA
Arnold  TOP FMS Flat Magnetic Stimulation – DEKA, Florence, Italy
Zimmer Cryo 7 – Cooling System by Zimmer MedizinSysteme, Germany
Exciplex Excimer Sustem by Clarteis, France
Lumera Targeted Light System by Daavlin, USA
Formatk – Intense Pulsed Light System, Israel.
UNIXEL RF advanced CO2 Laser System
Brymill Cry-Ac Unit,  Brymill Cryogenic Systems, USA
Conmed Hyfrecator, Electrosurgical System, USA
Ecleris Mesoporation
Oxy Peel
Daavlin Whole Body Phototherapy – UVA and NbUVB, USA.
Chemical Peels – Neo Strata, Cosmoderm, Obagi, Mediderma, Mesoelastic.