Dr. S.Prasannakumar


Senior Consultant in Dermatology

Dr. S. Prasanna Kumar is a distinguished expert in the field of Clinical Dermatology, renowned for his extensive experience and expertise. With a background as the former Head of Department of Dermatology at Government General Hospital and former Superintendent of Government Leprosy Hospital in Calicut, Dr. Prasanna Kumar has played a significant role in providing dermatological care in the region.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Prasanna Kumar has earned a reputation as one of the leading specialists in Malabar, known for his adeptness in diagnosing both pediatric and adult skin diseases at an early stage. His keen diagnostic skills, coupled with his deep understanding of dermatological conditions, have made him a trusted healthcare provider in the community.

Dr. Prasanna Kumar’s commitment to excellence in patient care, coupled with his compassionate approach to medicine, has endeared him to his patients and colleagues alike.